Advance Reports & Analytics

Understand your business better.

Real Time Advance Reporting

Get live insight of your store anytime from anywhere

account overview

Account overview

Get your store’s full account overview in just one click. Easily track which department are doing good and which aren’t.

transaction history

Transaction history

Get detail report of every single transaction occurred in your business. Get report by overall or in each department.



Get details statement for individual customers or vendors for a certain time period or lifetime.

Reports & analytics

Gain actionable insights with Small Business Reporting.

Drill down into your data
Use a wide range of variables and filters to get to the bottom of things, and help you identify trends or problem areas that need attention.

Understand your customers better
Find out who your most loyal customers are, how much they spend with you, and what they’re buying.

Manage your inventory more effectively
See stock on hand and inventory levels at a glance, so it’s easy to make sure you always have enough of your top-selling products.

Know what’s going on wherever you are
All your data is stored safely in the cloud, so you can get your reports from wherever you are, at any time of day.

Make better retail decisions with advanced reporting & metrics.

Breakdown your reports further
The metrics that matter: understand how your customers shop, true employee performance, how long products take to sell, and how much you’ve been discounting.

Order the right products, at the right time
Discover seasonal and brand trends by comparing inventory and sales data. Use the product performance report to find sales stars (and flops). Re-order simply with the low stock report.

Get deeper sales insights
Exclusive sales reports surface the performance of your brands, product categories, collections, and even suppliers. View store metrics, right down to the register level.

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