Retail POS Software for Sales & Repair Service

Are you still using pen & paper to manage your sales or repair service business instead of using Retail POS Software?

In the last decade, Retail POS Software have grown in breadth of functionality and range of customizability. As companies of various needs and industries adapt them for their daily business operations.
Novoapp offer industry specific modules, like software for repair service module. That expand how you can use the software. With a repair service module, service organizations are exploring how they might adapt an integrated Retail POS Software to manage all their service needs.
While integrated Retail POS Software and repair service set-up sounds appealing, service is an industry that asks a lot more. So before you make any important software decisions, you may want to ask yourself whether any Retail POS Software is enough for you.

Where Novoapp Retail POS Software can help an organization manage sales & service operations?

Retail POS Software now play a larger role than ever for companies in a variety of industries. including today’s repair service organizations that benefit from several customizable and integrated Retail POS features. Here we’ve listed some Pros of using a Novoapp Retail POS Software for sales & service management:

Accounting and General Ledger (GL):

Almost every organized company today uses some sort of Retail POS Software for accounting. Accounting is Retail POS software’s specialty, and it’s also usually a repair service need. With Novoapp Retail POS Software, organizations can see where their money’s going, where it’s coming from. then balance it, making decisions based on that financial information. Companies can use modules with the basic system, including accounts payable, accounts receivable. which track every revenue stream in or out of the organization. It’s essential that owners can track where their highest revenue sources are and make sure they’re making more than they’re spending. Novoapp Retail POS Software do that revenue tracking for them, stabilizing the company’s financial status.

Purchase Orders/ Sales Order System:

When companies sell equipment or service, Novoapp Retail POS Software can create sales & purchase order and produce a receipt for the customer/ vendor.

Inventory Management:

Managing inventory is another important task Novoapp Retail POS Software can perform for organizations. Since inventory management is usually used for sales rather than service. but you can use our inventory system for repair service as well.

Invoice Generation:

When orders come in, Novoapp Retail POS Software can create detailed invoices and send directly to customers. An invoice is created by printing the order. Giving it to a technician who records his work, then the invoice based on billable labor and parts.

User Defined Fields:

One reason service organizations try to adapt Novoapp Retail POS Software is user defined fields. This allow them to create fields for processes that aren’t originally included in the Novoapp Retail POS Software. For service, companies can create custom fields for capturing service related information. These users defined fields can be useful for organizations in which service isn’t their main priority.

History for customer-owned equipment:

Novoapp Retail POS Software can handle inventory and can see which parts required in which work order. they can also see equipment history or needs. Owners can be always updated with the required equipment or spare parts they need to perform the repair task.

Performance analysis based on accounting statement:

Novoapp Retail POS Software makes it easy for service organizations to determine where their revenue is coming from. where they need to improve, and what they’re doing well. Novoapp can drive GL account distributions based on many factors, such as type of job, division, line of business, etc. You can make business decisions like where you want to focus and spend more resources in the future.

Conclusion: Don’t settle for what’s convenient

Which would you use? Team of well-trained huskies or a team of miniature poodles? Wouldn’t it be wiser to invest in the huskies to pull your sled quickly and efficiently every time? Similarly, if you consider yourself a service organization, you shouldn’t be treating your service processes as second rate. Service, when done well, can be a huge profit center for organizations in a variety of industries. In order for service to be done well, you need to have the best tools available to make it run like clockwork. keeping customers happy and operations and employees productive.