Inventory Management

Inventory that syncs with all your business.

inventory management

Single inventory for store & ecommerceSynchronize automatically.

Our user friendly interface enables easy tracking and monitoring of your business’s inventory. Cut costs because you know when and how much to restock. Easily checkable reorder levels will ensure you keep popular items constantly in stock. No more returning valuable customer due to items out of stock.

Purchase OrdersPerfect way to make bulk product entry.

Make a single product entry or create a purchase order with multiple items, with Novoapp, you can purchase in both way and keep record of all your purchase history and payments related with the purchase orders to stay up to date.

purchase orders

transfer stocks

Transfer Stocks across multiple storesManage inventory stocks from a single point.

Purchase from a single point and distribute stocks to all your branches. Also transfer stocks between branches when required. All this done in just a few clicks. Very important if you maintain your inventory from a single warehouse.

unlimited products

Unlimited Products

Sell one product or thousands, Novoapp fits with it. There’s no limit to the number or type of products you can sell.

easy return

Easy Returns

Don’t worry about returns, whenever a return in entered to system, it adjust in all portions of the system.

notification system

Low stock notification

Never get out of stock. Set re-order level and get instant notification when a product reach that level.

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