Repair Service Management

Give automation in your repair service business.

repair service management

Simple Way To Process Repair OrdersProcess Repair Orders & Invoicing promptly and efficiently

Receiving repair orders then billing them promptly and efficiently should be the easiest part of your daily work schedule. With Novoapp, you can achieve this in just few simple steps. Also generate professional receipts & invoices having all the details regarding the repair order.

Online Job TrackerLet your customers check their own repair order status.

Frustrated with customers calls wanting to know the status of their repair job? With Novoapp, it’s a thing of the past. Your customers can check repair status online by simply scanning the unique QR code generated with every single receipt.

online job tracker

connect unlock servers

Connect with unlock servers

Connect with most popular unlock servers like dhru, naksh, unlockbase via API and submit & receive unlock code from service order dashboard.


Smart Receipt & Invoices

Generate professional receipts & invoices having all the details regarding the repair order.

special orders

Special orders

Take special order of items out of stock or you dont usually keep in inventory.

notification system

Notification system

Notify customers on job completion via email or SMS automatically or in a single click.

item screenshot

Item screenshot

Take screenshot of item when receiving from customer using webcam or any digital camera.

technician management

Technician Mangement

Assign technician when receiving a repair jobs. Also Transfer repair jobs between Technicians.

task management

Task Management

Most of all known repair actions are already in the software for faster check-in process.

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