Why Novoapp

Full stack solution for retail & Ecommerce in the most competitive price.



Simple but powerful. Novoapp offers most powerful features to mange your business yet in most simple way to interact. Operating novoapp is a no brainier and dont need any extra effort to get use to it.



We understand the value of customer’s data and privacy. Thats why we implemented enterprise level security and redundant backup system that keeps you worry-less in case of hardware failure.



One man army or retail chain, Novoapp fits with all in term of features and budget. You dont need to worry when your business grows, Novoapp will fit perfectly.



we understand small business. and small business requirements and budget as well. Thats why we released a solution that is the most affordable in the market.


Cloud Based

Novoapp is a complete cloud base solution that enabled you to get insight of your business anytime from anywhere. Not only that, you dont need to worry about hosting, security & bugs. We take care of everything.

customer service

Free Support & Updates

Our friendly support team is quick to respond on every channel. No matter where in the world you live, you will always get a quick response. And our developer team also deliver updates frequently to make Novoapp even better.

global cdn

Global CDN

Backed by a global CDN with more then 110 data center worldwide. No matter where you or your customers are, Novoapp is always nearby.


Add-ons & Integrations

We don’t want to change the way you work, we just want to be a part of it. So it’s easy to connect Novoapp to all of the tools you’re already using.

notification system

Instant Notification System

Always stay connected with your business no matter where is your location. Novoapp notify you on events that you always should be aware of.

Set up your shop, pick a plan later.
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